Sustainable Packaging, Elevated.

"ECOCO is a unique and sustainable product and package designed to solve prominent problems in Sri Lanka."

The Challenge

Sri Lanka is a country which is still developing and is facing some severe environmental and economic issues. More specifically, Sri Lanka faces problems with polluted oceans and over-filled landfill sites. Additionally, the average salary rate is low and poverty is very prominent.

Exploration Process

Coming up with a product and package that is designed to tackle such a wide variety of issues is not an easy task. Through extensive research and multiple product iterations, new ways of approaching and implementing design solutions came into play.

In order to achieve a solution to such complex issue every design choice needed to be meaningful, useful and with intention.

A Multifaceted Solution

The result of this project was a package and product concept which offered an innovative and powerful take on sustainable and meaningful design.

The project focuses on tackling a specific set of issues. This includes: low income/ poverty, waste management, and economic revenue. 

The Solution

How does Ecoco Solve all these issues?

Ecoco Uses Local Resources

Coconuts and related products are one of Sri-Lanka's largest exports. Millions of Coconuts are harvested and exported each year. This leaves many coconut shells and at a low cost.

Ecoco Sustainable Materials

Using Sustainable materials such as coconut shells, recycled wood, and natural cotton rope contributes to a product that can be disposed easily and without harming the environment. 

Ecoco Creates New Jobs

Creating a product like Ecoco requires several low-difficulty processes to produce which call for many jobs. 

Ecoco Generates Revenue

Being able to produce an product from A-Z within a country and using its materials can generate a lot of economic revenue when sold in and out of the country.

Initial Sketches & Prototypes

Throughout the development process, constant design challenges arose demanding new solutions. With every iteration and solution, new innovations and improvements contributed to a more dynamic and complete product.

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Final Product

The final version came out truly amazing. Visually the design was simplified and coherent. The functionality increased but complexity decreased. Every aspect of the product was carefully thought out; designed to be as functional as possible while maintaining a good aesthetic and thoughtful design.

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