The Rebrand

In early 2019 I was approached by Loyalty Markets to design a new brand identity that brings a fresh and timeless look.

Having done work for Loyalty Markets in advance it was apparent that consistency was something which needed improvement, as well as a more versatile and memorable logo. Loyalty Markets wanted to take their brand to the next step.

With the company's core values in mind, I designed a logo word mark and logo icon which was meaningful, true to the brand and timeless.

The logo is custom extra-bold type featuring an ornament on top of the "O" in loyalty. This ornament is intended to mirror a fruit stem and leaf while resembling a checkmark. The stem/checkmark is used as the company icon to represent the commitment Loyalty Market has for freshness, health, satisfaction and convenience.

The brand colours are bold and vibrant colours while contrast against each other and look great on screen and print. The green colour portrays fresh food while the blue echos a sweet and satisfying flavour, relating to fruits, candy or drinks.

About Loyalty Markets

Loyalty Markets reinvent the average company break room. Loyalty Markets provides fresh food ranging from delicious snacks and savoury sandwiches to refreshing cold drinks. Purchasing an item is as easy as using a fingerprint.

Loyalty Markets' core values consist of convenience, fresh food, health and satisfaction.

Loyalty Old vs New
Loyalty Brand Colours
Loyalty Markets Responsive Logo
Loyalty Markets Typography
Loyalty Business Card Mockup
Loyalty Markets 2 copy