Nomeno is a smart toy designed to encourage kids stay active, learn and explore new environments.

Conceptually, Nomeno is a technology-packed toy which features many sensors such as gyroscopes, accelerometers and proximity sensors which allow for a diverse range of interactive games. It connects to the companion app on your smart device which personifies Nomeno and transports you between virtual worlds. In order to progress between worlds, the user must complete tasks in creative ways using Nomeno and found objects.


An example of a game would be "Build a Parachute". The setting would take place in the "Canyon World" on the app. In real life, the user would need to construct a parachute for Nomeno which will then be used and tested. If the parachute didn't impact Nomeno (results seen on app) then it would be a success and the next game or world would be unlocked. If Nomeno was impacted, then the results would show on the app and the user would need to come up with a better parachute.

It is games like these that kids would be completing with Nomeno which would help introduce the basic nature of physics, get them off their feet and exploring the environment around them.

Nomeno PNG_edited.png

The Problem

The modern day routine of a child today is heavily consumed by the used of an electronic interaction such as playing on a tablet, watching television, or playing with a smart toy.

The Solution

Solving the issue meant using what the usual problem to our advantage. Since children today are constantly glued to their tablets and smart devices, we created an app a companion smart toy which enables a hybrid on/off-screen experience.


Throughout the process the team and I worked on creating a user friendly experienced which was targeted towards a young audience. Through research and exploration the project resulted in a promising and innovative product. The process also resulted in unique and consistent branding, age appropriate colours and design choices, and an enticing smart product.

World Sketch 1
World Sketch 2
World Sketch 2
UI Sketch 1
UI Sketch 2
UI Sketch 3
UI Sketch 4
UI Sketch 4


Nomeno Branding2.jpg

Final App

Nomeno Mockup.jpg

User Scenario 1

Asset 7.jpg

User Scenario 2

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App Walkthrough

Website Design


  • Research

  • Ideation

  • Website Design

  • Initial illustrations

  • Branding


  • Adobe XD

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe After Effects

  • Cinema 4D


Leah Wei

Riley Macintosh

Michelle Vu - 3D Renders


October-December 2018