IsoWallet Website Design

The IsoWallet mint page is designed for users to conveniently purchase IsoBots NFT's on it's release date.

Project Name

IsoWallet Website Design


Don Daskalo
Hartley Mel - Development

Project Type

Website Design


UX/UI, Website Design

Project Overview

A time-gated site to purchase IsoBot NFTs.

The goal of the mint page is to gate and process the purchase of the IsoBot NFT's at the time of launch.

My Role/Responsibilities

Website design, Developer Handoff


The challenge of this project was to find a way to balance showing off the NFT and it's sophisticated design with the information and call to actions required to complete a transaction.


The solution design was by splitting the webpage in half into two distinct areas where one clearly displays the NFT and one side has the purchasing functionality.

Website Screens

Simple yet captivating through dynamic and moving elements

It was very important to create a design that adapts to various display sizes. This mint site was designed to work and adapt across multiple screen sizes through layout rearrangement and a dynamic widget and button set.

Screen Snapshots and Mockups

A breakdown and visualization of the website screens.

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