Hey, I'm Don Daskalo.

I am passionate multidisciplinary designer focused on creating
solutions through thoughtful and clean UX/UI and branding.

Currently based in Toronto, Canada and seeking opportunities.

Glad you're here!

You made it this far. I would love to tell you
more about myself.

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Areas of Focus

UI Design

A good looking and clear user interface is crucial in today's world as it is what users actually interact with and contributes to an enjoyable experience.

UX Design

Users rely on a seamless experience to navigate and use products. A good looking product is can only go so far without a great user experience.

Brand Identity

In a world where millions of companies and brands exist, a key to success is to differentiate and stand out from the crowd in a unique visual way.

Logo Design

Logos serve as distinct visual identifiers which represent a brand across various mediums. Values, goals, and products become tied to the logo over time.

Start-Ups and Technology

Start-ups and technology are exciting fields which drive new innovations and products which solve problems in exciting new approaches.

Art Direction

New or old, there is always a way to creatively create and transform ideas into fresh, engaging, and impactful, experiences and visuals.

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