IsoWallet Website Design

The IsoWallet Website is designed to be a portal where users can learn more and contact Isowallet, as well as explore the company's upcoming NFT project.

Project Name

IsoWallet Website Design


Don Daskalo
Hartley Mel - Development

Project Type

Website Design


UX/UI, Website Design

Project Overview

An informational website for a Web3 cybersecurity company of the future.

The goal of this project was to create an attractive and branded website which would highlight and inform users about IsoWallet in a professional and clean way.

My Role/Responsibilities

Website design, Developer Handoff


The challenge of this project was to dissect and prioritize the information which is needed to be conveyed in a way which is organized and easy for users to navigate.


Working together with the founders of IsoWallet, the copy, layout, and pages of the website were able to be optimized to flow and present the necessary information effectively.

Website Mockups

A striking balance between excitement and seriousness

The website's aesthetic which incorporates IsoWallet's branding is designed to communicate that IsoWallet is a company that is rooted in security but is still exciting and aimed for the future.

Screen Snapshots and Mockups

A breakdown and visualization of the website screens.

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